Traveling With Children – Why Bother? – Travel International

Traveling with children seems like a lot of work, and truthfully, it is. When they are toddlers, even more so! But traveling with kids allows you to connect with places on a different level. We work with families and understand the dynamics and concerns for each member. The key is to stick to a more leisurely pace, where everyone gets to enjoy the sights. Orchestrating sight-seeing that is both interesting and active, so everyone is able to soak up the ambiance and enjoy the best that there is!”They’ll have more fun staying home” Many older children would get bored on a trip if they were not allowed to help in the planning process. What destination do the kids want to visit? What are their interests? What is the one thing, that will make this trip seem extraordinary to them? Kids love their parents and being around them, they feel secure in seeing new destinations; when they are in a nurturing and positive environment. We once had a family return from a trip to Italy, where the parents purchased an inexpensive travel camera for each child. They could not believe how their kids wanted to take pictures of everything that they were experiencing. Sometimes you open a new idea or concept to a child and they embrace a new found skill, photography! Or provide a small travel journal to them and who knows, you may have another Michelangelo; with all the art work they have sketched.”They won’t remember where we visited” Sounds so simplistic, but then why read to a youngster…they can’t. Kids are like sponges, if you make it a great experience, they will remember it in a positive fashion. One thing you want to pass on to your children is the ability to be creative and for them to use their imagination. That’s what traveling internationally does. From experiencing the Terra Cotta Warriors in China to seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to witnessing the wildlife in Africa; these are all experiences that we digest on different levels. They all create memories in different ways.”They will get bored” Maybe, but we highly doubt it. Who wouldn’t want an elephant ride in Thailand, a camel ride in Egypt or cuddle a koala in Australia? There are unique ways to customize your itinerary so that it will be a pleasant and educational experience for all. How about a Food Tour in Rome or Paris? Explore a secret cave in Capri, a tour of the Blue Grotto or the amazing ferris wheel experience on the London Eye! There are wonderful ‘hands on’ museums for kids in major cities worldwide. Activities are endless on a family trip; jet boat rides in New Zealand to the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. All of these are stimulating for children and offer a different type of entertainment value.A vacation with children, is a fabulous way to create lasting memories with your family!

How To Save Money On Your Travel Adventures – Travel International

Sending money while you are travelling is easy enough, but saving that money is quite the opposite? It seems just impossible to save money while the adventure is traveling, but it can be done if some considerations are made.Here are some tips and hacks that I have learned about saving money while visiting:Cheap AirfareAirfare is the most expensive part of your budget and takes most of the money. If you save money here, it will help you the most. The best way to save money when it comes to ticketing is by purchasing your ticket early. If you intend to travel internationally, then you can buy tickets three months in advance that’s the best time. Airlines have a habit of changing their airfares always, so it’s best that you keep a check on the fares regularly. Once you find a reasonably priced flight, book it.The Sharing EconomyWhen it comes to finding accommodation your options are countless, from hotels, hostels, guest house to even staying with a local family. There are many websites online that help you in finding authentic people in different countries who are ready to share their house with you. This is one of the most economical ways of managing accommodation.Stay In HostelsHostels are the cheapest regarding accommodation all over the world because you pay only for the bed not for the whole room. The dorm offers a shared bedroom experience that ranges from ten to forty other roommates. You get a locker with it so you can put your belongings in it. Most hostels also have a kitchen with it as well. Staying in a hostel is the cheapest way to save money on accommodation. Additionally, you get to meet different people from the world and make some new friends from around the world.Cook Your MealsWhether you have decided to live in a rented apartment or a hostel, cooking your food will help you save money. Since getting groceries are cheaper than buying food. Buying fresh groceries and cooking fresh, clean food yourself is far hygienic than eating at a restaurant. There will be no chance of getting sick or paying visits to a doctor. Because if you are travelling on a budget, then you don’t have to waste any money in the pharmacies or hospitals. This is another good way to save money while visiting.WalkInstead of hiring cabs or going for car rentals, try exploring the destination by walking. Walk as much as you can in day time this way you will see a lot of different places and things. Only use cab services when you are visiting a distant place or travelling in the night hours.Don’t Get ScammedThere is no point in saving money and maintaining a budget if you are going to end up being scammed. In many travel destinations, you will come across beggars who would scam good-hearted tourists with their tricks. They will often come to you with a prescription of expensive medicine or insist that you buy them the medicine and once you do it they will return it to the pharmacist and the split the money with them. So be sure not to trust anyone.